Thanks, for stopping by! I am a Voice Teacher, a Playologist, a Storyteller. I love languages and whittling words and clowning around.

People are pretty awesome, and I want to know as many of you beautiful people as possible.

So whether you’re stopping by for voice lessons

Or a boss looking for a training day for her staff;

A teacher looking to book in a storyteller

Or you fell down the tunnel and ended up in Bloggerland;

You’re curiosity is sparked by Small Boxes

Or you’re my Mum wondering what I am on about;

You’re just totally baffled by what a Playologist is

Or you spilt your coffee on the keyboard and ended up here;

Then read on and Let’s talk...

Voice Teacher

As a Voice Teacher, I am interested in empowering my clients with knowledge and a safe space to reflect on their voices.  We normally work on a combination of these different elements to deepen your understanding of your voice. Breath Support This work involves us learning about the way our breath works and discovering bad … Continue reading Voice Teacher


  As a Playologist, I am keen to explore the importance of play in helping shaping our identity as individuals. While I feel that we should start young, giving children ample opportunity to participate in child led play, I also feel that we are missing out on this vital process as Adults.  I am a … Continue reading Playologist

Story Teller

I trained as an Actor at Manchester Metropolitan University over ten years ago. This last decade has given me the opportunity to explore the actors relationship with the audience. I increasingly want to work in a way where there is no boundary between myself the performer and the audience. I also wanted to make work … Continue reading Story Teller