As a Playologist, I am keen to explore the importance of play in helping shaping our identity as individuals. While I feel that we should start young, giving children ample opportunity to participate in child led play, I also feel that we are missing out on this vital process as Adults. 

I am a skilled workshop facilitator with over ten years experience. I have worked in schools, community groups and organisations. I worked and trained internationally with practitioners from Nepal, Poland, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada and Italy.

Different disciplines that I incorporate into my work are detailed below:

Voice, Physical Theatre, Devising , Story Telling, Writing
Text work, Shakespeare, Ensemble, Clowning

These workshops can be tailor made to suit the needs of the people I am working with.


” The students benefited hugely from your expertise and consequently performed to a higher standard on the day on their exam. The students have expressed their thanks and have asked me to pass on their appreciation. They have taken pleasure in the experience of working in an external provider experienced in this field.”

Director of Creative Arts, Winsford Academy

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop.I nearly backed out of coming and Im so glad I did attend.”

Participant on a community Writing workshop.

“The workshops really expanded the student’s perception of Drama. The company gave students specific and targeted feedback to help them improve in their own performance. They also backed up their workshop with theory and provided students with reference to resources they may find useful in their future projects. Students learned more about physical theatre, but also about themselves. On a personal note, I have subsequently used many of the excercise to great effect with younger year groups, and they now come in begging to take of their shoes and socks and move to the music, using rhythm and impulse. Very useful for students embarking on independent projects, giving ideas for devising for GCSE, A Level and Diploma”

Drama Teacher, International School of Milan.

“Felicity gently sways and leads whilst also being an equal part of the group. I was continuously being challenged but felt safe within the connection we built together. Through song, text, music, silence and breath I felt free enough to let my imagination go and began to explore. I really felt respected and an essential part of the ensemble. It was fun and energising and exhilarating. ”

Kira Marie Maher, Workshop Participant.


Playscapades started life as a toddler class and now has turned to Birthday Party entertainment and workshops for EYFS.

“Both my daughters, 3 and 18 months, loved it! Great, simple, imaginative play with singing, craft and storytelling. Lovely atmosphere too.”

“My nearly three year old has loved the sessions we’ve been to, and it’s been wonderful seeing her so captivated by the imaginative stories, and so creative with the craft activities and resources available. It’s a great hour for everyone involved!”