Voice Teacher

As a Voice Teacher, I am interested in empowering my clients with knowledge and a safe space to reflect on their voices.  We normally work on a combination of these different elements to deepen your understanding of your voice.

94f48afc628ab0ba39b012a2792fa0d5Breath Support

This work involves us learning about the way our breath works and discovering bad habits that might in some way inhibit self expression.

With some training in Breath support you can learn about:

  • Basic anatomy to understand how the human body is designed to breath.
  • Exploration of posture and what may inhibit our breath support.
  • Relaxation and release techniques in order to allow the breath to flow more organically.
  • Exercises to strengthen and build breath support and provide you with a more flexible and grounded voice


This somewhat stuffy word is as helpful as it unhelpful. Its less talk of social etiquette and more discovering bad habits that might inhibit your articulation, pronunciation and communication. Posture work, diction, projection are all covered in my voice classes but they are explored in a way to find your authentic voice and self.  Elocution isn’t about accent reduction. Its about giving you clarity, confidence and strength in your voice.

With some Elocution training you can learn about:

  • Cohesion, fluency, intonation and rhythm.
  • Developing authenticity and a connection with your listeners.
  • Projection letting yourself be heard without feeling like you are shouting.
  • Working with Teachers to develop confidence, range and vocal stamina. (removing the strain shouting at the class, trying to be heard above the noise.)
  • Communication and presentation skills.

Accent Reduction, Clarification, Neutralising or Softening


I offer this service to non-native English Speakers who would like to spend more time working on their pronunciation. This practical service is useful for those who struggled to be understood in their use/ comprehension of spoken English.

Through studying accent work we will explore and learn:

  • Standard English Phonetics. Learning all the different vowel sounds and consonants that we use in the English Language.
  • Intonation. Which part of the word/sentence do we stress. Melody and Rhythm of speech.
  • Sounds placement – exploring the position and shape of tongue and lips and what combinations of these make specific sounds.

Text work

278139bf60e2d9def8e92826a78d9368This service includes exploring different texts to help us work out how to get clarity, sense and interpretation into what we say. It may be that you are preparing for a specific presentation/ audition and looking for some extra tuition or direction. Or it may be a skill you want to develop generally.

This work includes:

  • Exploring connected speech.
  • Using poetry, newspaper articles, literature and business english or text provided by yourself to understand how to use our voices effectively.
  • Developing confidence at Public Speaking.
  • Spending time with your voice, learning its habits.


I first contacted Felicity to work on my accent after hearing myself in a video. I didn’t know what to expect exactly from our sessions. I had around 10 sessions and I have been blown away by the impact the work has had in my life. I found out quite soon on that the accent is only part of the whole work we would do together and to my surprise it wasn’t the main focus. We worked on a whole range of exercises that increased my confidence, clarity, posture, breathing & presence, so naturally my accent changed to be the best version for me. Felicity has a natural gift for knowing what to say & when and intuitively knows what may be getting in the way of confident speaking. I will definitely be back for more sessions to progress further. It really has made a huge difference throughout my life.

Jane (S Manchester)

As a Partner in a Finance Brokerage voice coaching appealed to me as I wanted to make make my speech as clear and appealing as possible to a wide audience. Before looking for a coach I assumed a handful of mouth exercises coupled with saying the words out loud clearly over time would do the trick. I was about to be educated.
Felicity has not only developed my speech but my confidence with it. There is even a rich singing voice in there too.
In meetings I feel I have more presence, can hold attention longer and enjoy hearing myself more.
This is a fun and interesting journey. Well worth the effort!

Steve (Altrincham)

“Really enjoyed the activity on Thursday. I was dreading it, as that’s not really my type of thing, but they made it fun and not scary! Felicity has a very calming voice.”

“Today was ace! Had a really good time”

Feedback from Corporate Training Days

I am available for one to one tuition, workshop facilitation in community groups, corporate training days, schools looking to improve oratory skills at both primary and secondary and teacher training days. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

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