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Thanks for stopping by. It’s great that you are thinking of working on your voice. As a Voice Teacher, I am interested in empowering my clients with knowledge about how the voice works and creating a safe and playful environment for participants to reflect on their voices.

About Me…

I have a creative background and have performed both as a singer, actor and Storyteller from the age of 7. I have grade 5 singing and have performed with choirs in The Albert Hall and Notre Dam in Paris. I graduated MMU School of Theatre in 2008 and have worked and trained further nationally and internationally with practitioners and companies from around the world. I have a CELTA qualification in English as a Foreign Language and a have worked as an English Teacher in Manchester.

I started facilitating workshops around ten years ago and have taught Voice specifically for the last 5 years. I love seeing people’s belief in their voice and capabilities grow and in my ideal world, voice work would be a subject available to all throughout our education and adult life. If we all had greater authenticity in our voice, we would have greater confidence in sharing our ideas, beliefs and feelings.


About you….

There are lots of different reasons as to why people want to come to a voice teacher. You may be preparing for a big speech or a presentation. You may be looking to improve the telephone manner in your team. You might be a non-native English Speaker looking to improve your pronunciation. You might feel that your voice lets you down, its flat or boring, too fast, too slow, too high, too low.  You might be curious and want to learn more or you might be a well oiled public speaker who is looking for some refinement or to improve your vocal flexibility and fitness.

There are two ways that we can work together. You can hire me to come in and facilitate a training day  with you employees or team, or you can attend a public workshop.

Public Workshops

Authentic Voice: The 3 P’s

Come and explore the possibilities of your voice, learn tricks to combat nerves and find authenticity in your speech.

Pace: Explore and learn about breath support and it’s impact on the speed we speak at.

Pitch: Explore and learn about effective resonation to provide power and presence and improve flexibility in your voice. Learn how to create sound that is easy to listen to.

Pronunciation: Explore the inner working of the muscles and organs that make sound and improve strength and precision to produce a clear and expressive voice.

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to breath life into their public speaking skills, improve their confidence in their voice, find authenticity and reach their listeners.

Dates & Locations

18th November, 10.30-4.30, The Atrium, Make, North Docks, Liverpool

25th November, 10.30-4.30, Hope Studios, Newton Street, Manchester. Book here.

What other people think….

Felicity has a natural gift for knowing what to say & when and intuitively knows what may be getting in the way of confident speaking. I will definitely be back for more sessions to progress further. It really has made a huge difference throughout my life.
Jane (S Manchester)

As a Partner in a Finance Brokerage voice coaching appealed to me as I wanted to make make my speech as clear and appealing as possible to a wide audience. Before looking for a coach I assumed a handful of mouth exercises coupled with saying the words out loud clearly over time would do the trick. I was about to be educated.
Felicity has not only developed my speech but my confidence with it. There is even a rich singing voice in there too. In meetings I feel I have more presence, can hold attention longer and enjoy hearing myself more. This is a fun and interesting journey. Well worth the effort!
Steve (Altrincham)


More Info

If you want to learn more about the different components that make up voice work, read on…